Long Term Care Insurance

Welcome to the Long Term Care area of our Web Site. The information that is provided in this section will provide you with information about all the options available to the individual who needs help in their every day living. It covers what is available through Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. If you would like to obtain a Long Term Care quote, simply complete and submit the quote request form.

      At an average cost of about $75,000 a year, how long would your savings last if you had to go to a nursing home for a prolonged period of time? Call us for a quote today (800) 735-0320.

Perhaps you would rather receive top quality care at home and wonder how long your nest egg would last if you had to pay for someone to care for you?

Whether you receive care at your own home, in a nursing or assisted living facility, or adult day care center, a Long Term Care Policy can provide hundred of thousands of dollars for your needs and help protect a lifetime of savings.

Would you like to protect your assets from Medi-Cal spend-down limits? Call us about California Partnership Long Term Care Policies.

Group Long-Term Care

Five Important Reasons to offer your employees LTC Insurance

  1. Take advantage of tax benefits.
  2. Quality coverage as employer-paid or voluntary benefit.
  3. Get the best talent. Keep the best talent.
  4. Show that you understand and are responsive to your employees' needs.
  5. Improve your bottom line.