Welcome to the business insurance section of our Web Site. Because of the complexities of Business Insurance, we highly recommend speaking with one of our professionals. If you would like to get a quote on various types of business insurance simply complete and submit the appropriate form or call us at (800) 735-0320.

General Liability, Property Insurance, Errors & Ommissions, Worker's Comp, Commercial Auto, Health Insurance, Business Owner's Policy, Bonds...we can help.

Commercial Auto

If your business owns automobiles or you or your employees use their personal autos in business, you need to check into a Commercial Auto Policy.

Youth Sports

If you are involved with youth sports or are responsible for securing insurance for youth sporting events, please call us at 800-735-0320. We are here to help.

Health Insurance

Would you like to provide Medical Insurance for you and your employees? We can help you design a plan that fits your company's budget and you control how much you pay. Please call us or fill out a Census Form and we will quote the market for you.  

Dental, Vision, Supplemental Benefits

Are you trying to attract and retain the best and brightest people in your industry? Are you tired of high-turnover and the costs to hire and train new employees? How about adding to your employee benefit package the kinds of things families need today and keep your turn-over low?

Don't forget to take care of your employees by providing or offering other benefits such as Dental, Vision or Supplemental Benefits that cover things like Accidents, Cancer, Short-term Disability, or many others.

Long-Term Care

Five Important Reasons to offer your employees LTC Insurance

1. Take advantage of tax benefits.
2. Quality coverage as employer-paid or voluntary benefit.
3. Get the best talent. Keep the best talent.
4. Show that you understand and are responsive to your employees' needs.
5. Improve your bottom line.


If you need a bond, call us (800) 735-0320. We are here to help you.